It was really confusing why rat can be found in boxed So bean milk. According to the one who shared it, his brother was drinking that beverages till the last drop and really shocked when there is a little rats there.

According to him,

Rat Found in Soy Bean Milk

"My brother was drinking that soy bean until the last drop."

"He was weird when the box was slightly heavy. He chopped the box to two and found this little rat."

How could that happened?

This case was really confusing because, if we take a look at the rat, it looks so fresh and is it was not possible it will be there for a long long time.

This issues has been shared by a thousand of people that take this matter seriously.

According to one of the netizen here in Malaysia, this just a bunch of liar and there are so many others believe this story.

Let's the authority investigate this matter.

So, what do you think?

Rat Found in Soy Bean Milk

We hope this articles might help you to determine wither this story was real or fake. We are gladly to inform you that it was impossible to find that rat in that condition. 
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